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Ordnance Survey - 5% off code

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Ordnance Survey - 5% off code

Ordnance Survey - 5% off code

We're all about location

In fifteen short years, we’ve changed from a centuries-old venerable mapping company into a big data powerhouse. Our location information is weaving itself into the very fabric of our everyday lives, right across Great Britain.

What we do

We’ve come a long way from simply being the producer of our world-famous paper maps. While our much-loved maps remain an important part of our brand, they represent only 5% of our annual revenue. We produce digital map data, online route planning and sharing services and mobile apps, plus many other location-based products so you know exactly where you are.

You’d be lost without us

Our geographic data is so big, yet at the same time so granular and accurate, that we’ve mapped the location of every fixed physical object in Great Britain, from the ground upwards, to within one metre accuracy. And we have a team of around 300 surveyors and two aircraft that produce 10,000 updates to our system a day – to our OS MasterMap database. That’s seven times every minute of every day of the year.

So the next time you walk down any street consider that the location of every road, every kerb, every wall, house or address – everything – has been recorded. You are looking at OS maps every time you turn on a sat-nav device or use an online search engine to find something in Great Britain.