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FoodSpring - 10% off

Enjoy 10% discount on the Foodspring Functional Training Pack. With our perfectly adapted functional training package, even the most intensive training sessions seem easy. Foodspring Whey protein, Energy Aminos, ZN : MG zinc and magnesium (Vegan).

FoodSpring - 10% off

FoodSpring - 10% off

They are called Aphrodite, Cindy or Murph and they will take your body to its absolute limits.
Our perfectly balanced Functional Training Pack gets you through the most gruelling workout with ease. For top performance anytime.
- Whey protein for a quick muscle boost
- Amino acids and caffeine for maxed out performance and endurance
- Zinc, magnesium & malic acid for vitality

100% workout booster. 0% chemicals.

Your workout starts before breaking a sweat. True success starts in the head, and moves on to your muscles. How can you optimally prepare for your workout? With our perfectly tuned energy complex consisting of L-citrulline, L-arginine, beta-alanin, BCAAs and caffeine. Power, agility and flawless technique to the very last second.
- Energy boost before training
- Essential amino acids for your muscles
- No artificial flavourings

Whey protein from pasture milk

No WOD without Whey Protein – Your muscles need a powerful premium protein boost after training. We have developed a whey formula that perfectly meets your body's needs for functional training – a high protein content and an optimal amino acid profile. 
- Gives you back what you lose in training. 
- Perfect for functional training
- For top muscle performance
- Excellent amino acid profile and high protein content

Give your muscles a proper workout.

Zinc and magnesium are essential for flawless muscle function during functional training. But whatever you do, large amounts of micro-nutrients are continuously lost via perspiration. Our Zn:Mg comes with an excellent action formula
designed specifically for athletes. A notable extra: Malic acid helps the body to absorb zinc and magnesium faster.
- The perfect choice right after an intense workout session.
- Prevents fatigue and lapses in concentration
- Supports regeneration