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Whittard of Chelsea - 5% off

New customers get 5% off from Whittard of Chelsea... deliciously flavoured with an incredible quality. There's only one Whittard of Chelsea.

Whittard of Chelsea - 5% off

Whittard of Chelsea - 5% off

Whittard of Chelsea sources the finest teas and coffees from around the world and with 125 years of experience, our people are specialists and proud of the products we deliver. 

We offer a wide range of teas, coffees, hot chocolates, instant teas, china and tea & coffee making equipment and our mission is to surprise and delight our customers with our passion for the very best tea, coffee and related gifts.

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Rocky Road Flavour Hot Chocolate

Rocky Road Flavour Hot Chocolate | Whittard of Chelsea

This hot chocolate rocks...

The name ‘Rocky Road’ harks back to the gold fields of Australia, where prospectors crunched through chocolate, biscuit and marshmallows as they sieved for their fortune. Gold rush soon became sugar rush as the recipe went global - it’s since become a pure slice of Americana, appearing as an ice cream, cupcakes and… pizza. We’ll stick to our famous hot chocolate, thanks. 

This Whittard all-time favourite combines classic flavours of marshmallow and milk chocolate with those of toffee, cherry, raisins and sultanas. A British twist which takes the road less travelled…

Rhubarb Punch

Rhubarb Punch | Wellness Teas | Whittard of Chelsea


Sip a cup of summer with our rowdy Rhubarb Punch: it’s our way of celebrating the brightest flavours of an English country garden. We’ve balanced our rhubarb with elderberries, whole apple pieces and bright hibiscus, adding mellow strawberry and blackberry leaves for body. Brew it hot for a punchy fruity infusion to wake up your taste buds; or try it loaded with ice on sunny days.


With larger leaves than normal teabags, our loose leaf pyramids are as full of flavour as loose leaf and as convenient as teabags. (They’re also completely biodegradable – no plastic here!)
Sleepy Tea
Sleepy Tea | Wellness Teas | Whittard of Chelsea
Zzzzzz… That’s the sound of one of our tasters after a cup of Sleepy Tea. (To be fair, it had been a long day at the office.) We’ve blended soothing camomile and lavender with the subtle freshness of linden flowers, creating an infusion that’s deliciously mellow with a hint of sweetness. With the long-reputed calming effects of camomile and lavender, it’s the perfect lullaby after a busy day.